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Pittsburgh's Top Rated Barber Shop

About David:

David attended Barber School in Pittsburgh. After attaining his barber’s license David honed his barber skills through hair shows, attending hands on barber classes and hours of videos. 

David is trained in Traditional haircuts as well as trendy men's cuts.


David is a master of all hair types and all styles. 

David is an award winning barber. He was the first ever AHP Indie Barber of the Year.


For men, his specialties include short-to-medium and medium-to-long tapered haircuts, ALL forms of fading, including low, mid and high skin fades, beards and straight-razor work, as well as razor-cuts.


A barber that goes beyond the norm...
I have traveled the country to take hands on classes with some of the industries best to be able to provide the best barber services in Pittsburgh.

The best Barber Shop in Pittsburgh.

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