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How to determine a High Quality Fades In Pittsburgh

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

There are more types of fade haircuts than there are hairs on your head, and it is hard to know what any of the names mean. It's best to ask for the kind of fade you want.

"Well, people are asking for Zayn Malik's high fade, which is kind of expired now. People are referencing soccer players a lot with this look."

You need good hair for a skin fade, and you want to play around with fades to find the right shape for your head.

Good hair fades best, but not everyone has that kind of hair. Maintain your hair every two to three weeks.

Riley says if you want to get a look similar to Zayn Malik's and Gordon Hayward's, tell your barber to start with a .5mm guard on the bottom, then jump to a 3mm clipper on the top.

Danny Welbeck has a high skin fade, while Drake has a clean skin fade and a clean lineup.

Richard Chai wears a hard high fade, while David Beckham wears a 1mm mid fade.

Christiano Ronaldo's hair is 1.5mm on the side, with a hard-part in the front and texture to wear up.

Visiting a barber like David Peters (who was voted 2022 Indie Barber of the Year for Associated Hair Professionals) can help you achieve the look you want.

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