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What is a "FADE"

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Looking for a stylish and versatile haircut in Pittsburgh, PA? Consider getting a fade at Steel City Barber Lounge. A fade haircut involves blending hair on the sides and back of the head into the skin, creating a smooth transition from short to longer hair. The length of the fade can vary, but it is typically shortest at the ears and neckline and gradually gets longer as it goes up the head. There are several types of fade haircuts to choose from, including the low fade, mid fade, and high fade. At Steel City Barber Lounge, our skilled barbers can customize the fade to suit your style and preference and pair it with a variety of different haircuts on top, such as a buzz cut, crew cut, or comb over. Steel City Barber Lounge is hands down the Best Barbershop in Pittsburgh. David Peters the Owner was voted Barber of the Year in 2022. Whether you're a professional or a student, a fade haircut is a great option for any occasion. Visit Steel City Barber Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA today to get your fade!

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