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After a thorough consultation, shampoo and completion of the desired cut, the hair is styled into the desired look using quality hair care products. To finish, the neck and perimeter of the hairline is detailed with a straight razor and eyebrow trim.

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Haircut and Beard

This service begins with a thorough consultation, then completion of the desired cut. The hair is styled into the desired look using quality hair care products. The facial hair is cut to the desired length and detailed. Complimentary eyebrow trim.

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Platinum Experience

This service includes a haircut and style with beard trim or shave with added attention to the care of the skin. The grooming is followed by a facial process of massaging, steaming, cleansing and conditioning. This process is promoting a healthy surface environment for hair growth while preventing calcium build up and ingrown hairs. Complimentary eyebrow trim.


Facial Hair Grooming

Includes the grooming of facial hair without receiving a haircut. A thorough consultation we determine the desired length and detail the shape of any remaining facial hair.

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  • Shave- Oil-infused, steamed-towel treatment

  • Cleansing massage with face wash.

  • Face wash removal with oil-infused, steamed towel

  • Exfoliating massage with A Face Scrub

  • Face scrub removal with oil-infused, steamed towel

  • Facial steam

  • Straight-razor shave with shave gel

  • Removal of shave gel with oil-infused, steamed towel

  • Oxygenating, skin-stimulating, anti-aging massage with Hydrating skin treatment with Moisturizer

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