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Pittsburgh Top 3 Must See spots

New to the city? Welcome to the city of bridges, colliding rivers and of course Steel. Pittsburgh for those who don’t know a city with rusty factories, broken down roads and with nothing to do. That’s only halfway true, just kidding, the 412 (it’s the area code, keep up) is a city with a rich history once the center of all steel production in the US, providing good jobs for hard working men and women (the factory is still there just go to Braddock), though things have changed slightly Pittsburgh still on the cutting edge with the investments into robotic technology at Carnegie Mellon University, the daily advancements in healthcare at UPMC and adapting the infrastructure of one of the countries oldest cities for the modern age with bike lanes, fixing the roads, among others.

But you’re new to the city, so you’re not trying to sit in at Carnegie (pronounced car-nay-gi) Mellon, here are 3 must see parts of our beloved steel city.

Mount Washington

Right south of downtown Pittsburgh, this lively neighborhood boasts an active business district in addition to scenic parks and recreational activities. And in my humble opinion the best views of a downtown skyline in the country. There is plenty to do there too, grab some food at the Metro Diner, take the Duquesne incline and visit the museum attached to it. You won’t regret your time on this quintessential Southside neighborhood.

Point State Park (“the point”)

Point State Park, located at the convergence of three rivers, the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela, is at the tip of Pittsburgh’s “Golden Triangle.” The park commemorates and preserves the strategic and historic heritage of the area during the French and Indian War.

Point State Park is a National Historic Landmark. DCNR works in collaboration with the Heinz History Center and the Fort Pitt Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution to interpret the history of the Forks of the Ohio.

The park itself was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and you can learn all about that at the Civic center. Connecting all together, Mount Washington has the best view of the point, after your time there, come see the gorgeous fountain, the rivers and take a walk around the monuments.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden

A green oasis in the middle of Pittsburgh’s vibrant Oakland neighborhood, where the University of Pittsburgh is located, Phipps has provided a world-class garden experience to its visitors since 1893. Visit to discover breathtaking seasonal flower shows and special exhibits, a nationally-recognized orchid collection, butterflies, botanical gardens, fun family activities, and much more.

Right in the area, you can also walk through Schenley Park, a park with a unbelievable amount of diversity, it has monuments, the famous art hill, a Parisian bridge with locks emblazoned with locks and depending on which side you can easily get to both Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.

Look I can’t talk about all the amazing neighborhoods in this city, they are all so unique just drive up and down Penn you’ll see 5 neighborhoods so unique that it feels like you’re leaving cities each time. My personal favorites are: Lawrencville, Point Breeze, Mount Washington, the Strip District, Squirrel Hill, Northside and Southside.

Come into the shop and I can give you specific recommendations on where to go but a couple musts: polish food in the Strip district, the synagogues of Squirrel Hill, the nightlife up and down Carson St on the Southside and all the amazing taverns in Lawrencville—William Penn Tavern on Butler is my favorite, if you want a true blue collar Pittsburgh that’s the spot for you.

Pittsburgh has much more that I couldn’t even get to but I’m a lifelong resident and would be happy get you acquainted to the city. Come by my shop in Ross Township, I’ll give you the best damn haircut in the Steel City, in a world class barbershop. Welcome and can’t wait to see you soon!

ALSO go eat at Primanti Brothers, yes they put the fries inside the sandwich it’s great!

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